Campaign Team Member Volunteers

2016 Campaign Volunteers

Todd Dilley

Tyler McEldowny

Joanne Gilmore

Jessica Moon

Kara Schoen


Delivery of campaign materials to individual workplaces is a critically important task. This is considered a front-line effort to provide a personal touch. All materials and small workplace envelopes are delivered to all small and mid-size companies by community volunteers.

United Way will provide training and materials for delivery in an assigned area or specific group of companies. The expectation is that ALL campaign materials will be in the hands of workplaces by our annual Community Campaign Kickoff.


Necessary skills include:

  • Passion for volunteering for your United Way and helping people in your community;
  • Ability to take direction and be self-starting (great opportunity for sales/marketing people who are trying to get to know the community!);
  • Willingness to dedicate the time to complete the assigned task. Time commitment may vary and is flexible, depending on your division assignment;
  • Attendance at a pre-campaign planning meeting on July and "meet the team" (free lunch);
  • Ability to pleasantly interact with and provide encouragement to business owners and managers who give, or are considering giving, to the annual campaign;
  • Willingness to do follow up contacts either in person or by phone, as needed;
  • Willingness to CELEBRATE success at the close of campaign (with more free food & awards)

LIVE UNITED for Wyandot County!

For more information visit the United Way Volunteer Resource Center Website.